Aziza is the answer for all the women for whom transparency of the ingredients in their beauty routine products is a deep need

This box will be full of unique vegan, organic and Cruelty Free bath, beauty, make up and skincare products from our favorite artisans from all around the world. To see what will be inside the Aziza box go to the "Brands we love" page and check out the brands we partner with. 

Aziza means "Venerated", "Loved". Aziza is an independent woman for whom freedom is not an empty word. 

A few months ago I had a breast cancer and I became obsessed with ingredients first in my food and then I started looking at my skincare routine...It was a real challenge to find safe and natural products! 

The research led to my idea being born, of proposing a beauty box that would bring together products whose availability still goes unrecognized by many women, especially those who create the demand for Vegan products and women like me fighting a cancer.  I believe in offering a healthy and ethical choice whilst giving "peace of mind" to all these women. Women who look for Vegan cosmetics have the same high level of requirements for their cosmetics than the Muslim women, in fact Vegan & Halal cosmetics meet the same requirements. This is why you will find some products with the Halal certification.   

Aziza Beauty box has been created to offer beauty addicts from every culture a chance to discover new beauty innovations, products you didn't knew could fit your beliefs. Cosmetics we selected are from all around the world!

I wish to provide all women with Pure, Natural and Ethical Cosmetics. My aim is to provide a solution for every woman that wants to use Organic and Pure products. 

I scored all the cosmetics you will find in the box, they all have been tested so you can be confident that you are buying the very best products. Every 2 months you will receive a selection of 3/5 (or more) beauty products. We will do our best to propose cosmetics you can't find elsewhere.