Nominoë is the organic cosmetics brand made in Brittany! At Aziza we could only adhere! And love it! Their philosophy is to unearth Bretagne natural treasures and see just as good they can be for your skin. The brand is born from love for Bretagne, and its creators have lovingly put plants and odors in their products.

You will have a bit of Bretagne in your bathroom. I had a crush for the the Night Mask Moisturizing shine. The idea of ​​putting on a mask that would act all night seduced me. And the result is amazing. It is an oasis for dehydrated skin. You can of course use it once a week in thick layer and leave to pose about fifteen minutes, but I think that cure at night is really great. I also like the exfoliating balm, because the grains that are found in it are strawberry achenes ... I know... my addiction to everything that comes close to or far to the food ...
All their 
production is local, working with associations and local workforce for a real Made in Bretagne product. So you get the love and integrity too, as part of your skincare.


Exfoliating Body Balm  29.90€               Beauty Potion 25€