Terms and conditions of use

General information

How does Aziza work? 

Aziza is a bi-monthly recurring subscription delivering halal and vegan cosmetics. Each 2 months you will receive a care package of 4 or 5 natural, organic beauty products. By using our website, products or subscribing to our services, you indicate your unconditional acceptance of these terms and Conditions. 

Signing up with Aziza means opting into a recurring membership.

Subscription options

We offer 2 types of subscription:

  • A bi-monthly subscription, you receive 1 box every 2 months for 39€/month (free shipping in France). You can cancel at anytime. You are billed every month.
  • Prepaid 6/12 months subscription:
  1. 6 months prepaid subscription, you receive 3 boxes for 114€ (free shipping in France). You are billed once. 
  2. 12 months prepaid subscription, you receive 6 boxes for 222€ (free shipping in France). You are billed once. 

Cancellation options

if you choose the monthly subscription, you can cancel at anytime before the 28th day before the next box. 

If you choose the prepaid subscriptions you can cancel the subscription by sending us a letter and we will proceed to a refund for the boxes left to send. 

Shipping fees and delivery

Shipping costs are indicated at the time of your purchase. Shipping dates are only estimates. 

Shipping Fees for France are offered

Shipping Fees for Europe are 9,90€

International Shipping Fees are 15€


We accept payments via Paypal and the following credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American express. You will be automatically charged each month for your ongoing subscription. 

If you have any question azizabeautybox@hotmail.com