Made in memory of founder Zoe’s mother, BOOBS’ ESSENTIAL is a blend of essential oils that play an important role in nurturing your breasts.

When Zoe's mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in December 2014 she began extensive research into the wide-range of complementary therapies described in scientific journals. One of the topics that stood out from the research was the role of essential oils during cancer treatment, and the importance of breast and lymph massage as a means of prevention.  Having learned the science about the key ingredients, Zoe began blending different combinations and eventually created potent, yet soothing oil combinations for BOOBS' ESSENTIAL.

It struck her that as a carefree teen living a hectic London lifestyle in her 20s, Zoe had never checked her own boobs for lumps. However, since her mother's diagnosis she realised how important it was to check her boobs daily to avoid late detection of any abnormalities. Zoe’s mother passed away gracefully over a year later, making the message more clear in Zoe’s mind:

All women, young and old, must make checking their breasts a daily ritual.    

Massaging your boobs with BOOBS’ ESSENTIAL as part of your daily routine enables you to catch two b(irds)oobs with one stone ;) because applying our 4 carefully selected essential oils may also help early detection of abnormal lumps; rejuvenate cells; and may increase immune cell activity.

Boobs' Essential For every Woman 37€