Delivering and celebrating ritualistic skincare and self-care, Isla Apothecary products marry organic, natural ingredients with aromatherapy experience. 

Borne out of the positive experiences of the founder, with effective, botanical-led rituals, and a belief in the power of the skin and spirit to thrive with greater alignment to nature, each product is formulated to contain within a synergy of unique life forces, rich aromas, and potency.

Hand-crafted in London, I design, formulate, and hand-blend all products in small-batches for optimum freshness in true apothecary fashion.

Only the finest raw and natural, organic and wild crafted, ethically sourced ingredients are used, which remain pure and unadulterated.

Formulated without animal-derived ingredients, parabens, phthalates, synthetic materials, preservatives or aromachemicals, all ingredients and products are free from animal testing, are suitable for vegans and are only tested on (willing) human participants


Coffee + Cinnamon Body scrub 32€                               Blood Orange + Vanilla Body scrub 32€

Refine & Radiate Beautifying Face Mask 30€