Bella Aura is the result of Yasmine Jones’ journey where grief and stress took its toll on her normally healthy skin. This distress fueled research involving countless doctors, skin care products and treatment remedies, to little or no avail.

Overwhelmed and confused by conflicting advice and ineffective product formulas, she discovered the ancient beauty elixirs used by the Berber tribes of her native Morocco. Combined with research and collaboration with modern chemists and Swiss skincare experts, she developed a complete collection of natural skincare products leading to the recovery of her healthy, glowing skin.

“I came to understand how a person with skin issues feels inside and how difficult it is on their mind and spirit. I didn't create Bella Aura to make you perfect. To me, perfection is an illusion. My goal is more on a spiritual level: I want to make you feel beautiful from the inside out so that your inner and outer beauty shines through. When you're at your best, the positive spirit within you emanates the surface in the world.”

Beautiful skin is a reflection of a person's Aura.

Bella Aura believes in giving back by supporting several local charitable organizations.

We also strongly believe in ethical and fair trade. The ingredients, which we personally source from Morocco, provide employment to impoverished families. Co-operatives, which cultivate the botanical ingredients used in our products, empower Moroccan women to earn an income –helping to support their own families. While it’s a start, low wages and long hours still persist in the agriculture industry. Bella Aura participates in additional programs to improve the lives of the Moroccan families in need, including the sponsoring of children’s education and donating food and clothing.