Vegan & Cruelty free cosmetics

Vegan & Cruelty free cosmetics

Hello Princesses

It's about time I make a point on Vegan and Cruelty Free beauty and care products. I have been seing for a while blooming everywhere and on every post on instagram the #vegan #cruelty free ... I see more and more boxes that claim to be vegan, cruelty free etc. It's funny. 1 year ago when I started the Aziza Box adventure, nobody cared about being vegan or cruelty free. Today everyone thinks that the market must be juicy so let's go cheerfully! Except that ... When you say you're cruelty free, you need to turn your tongue seven times, please. Especially when you sell cosmetics based on snail slime or snake venom! Please ... or cosmetics made with honey ... You can not just tag yourself cruelty free or vegan. This is not a marketing approach! Where is the integrity in all this! Where is honesty?

To make money on a trend to attract customers these people discredit all the work that others do. There is a real commitment behind the Aziza Box, there are real values. I fought for Aziza, nobody believed in the concept of my box. Vegan? Cruelty what? I put all I had because I knew that like me hundreds of women and men had convictions and we would not compromise. Until then, everyone laughed at us, fools that we were with our animal cause. And today all would like to capture this population! This population of fools ... So we are not stupid huh. We have a long experience in decrypting labels, analyzing components.

Before buying we all do the same thing, we scan the whole brand. Do they sell in China, do they source all their ingredients, are they part of a large group that tests on animals etc.? So when I include a brand in the Box,it is only after the crash test was successful. Choosing small brands that produce little is also my strategy. They are not all certified, because they often do not know that a certification is mostly a lot of paperwork ... And often these small companies have their heads on the handlebars and struggle to survive, so a certification ... When I talk about "crash testing", I mean that I really investigate. The founders, their story. I track down their ingredients. Once I have been "deceived" by a brand will not happen anymore ;)

Because, of course, vegan and cruelty free products are not all clean! A product can be cruelty free and / or vegan but to run far from because of the components! A product can be vegan but tested on animals ... Do you understand better why I work almost non-stop? Why it is so difficult to offer you perfect brands? Each composition is scrutinized, if I do not find an answer I ask a professional. Because it is not enough to be cruelty free and / or vegan, it is also necessary that the composition of the product is clean. Not just acceptable, but good, excellent! Take care of yourself and please stop being just "targets" for marketing managers ;)

Love you

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    mai 8, 2018

    Bonjour, merci pour cet article qui m'ouvre les yeux sur beaucoup de choses. Je suis d'accord on nous prend vraiment pour des imbéciles et cette mise au point tombe à point. Bonne continuation vous êtes super Romy, merci pour votre implication.

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    Roselyne Masson
    mai 8, 2018

    Tout est dit. Gros bisous

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